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Recruitment Agencies: Improve Your Job Search

A typical job search is fraught with headaches from anticipation and frustrations. So, if you’ve been laid off, or have been unemployed for some time now, the job search process can feel overwhelming and even downright brutal, especially if you’ve been at it for months and haven’t had any breakthroughs.

But what if somebody could swoop in and help you find a new position? Well, that’s precisely what recruitment agencies do.

While many job-seekers choose to embark on a job search alone, some decide to leverage the services of recruitment agencies who are industry experts and can help job-seekers maximize their options and ensure they get fair offers.
The majority of job-seekers leave many job opportunities on the table. As a job seeker, the right recruitment agency can serve as a bridge that connects you with the world’s best employers. In short, recruiters serve as the final pieces of the job hunt puzzle.

How Do Recruitment Firms Work?

To leverage the full benefits of working with a recruitment agency, you must understand how staffing agencies work.
Recruitment agencies were first referred to as employment/staffing agencies and were established to help match employers to job-seekers. So, you can consider a recruitment firm as a partner in your job search. These firms connect job seekers with prospective employers and act as a guide; they offer expert tips on writing a more targeted resume, endorsing you to prospective employers, and providing expert advice on your career path.

After applying to open job opportunities or submitting your resume on their site, recruiters will get in touch with you if there’s a potential job opportunity or a suitable match. Also, recruiters may contact you to schedule a face-to-face interview to understand your career goals and motivations and try to establish where you fit into a company for your current position. Once recruiters successfully match you to a position, they may offer interview coaching services to make sure you’re ready for the next stage. When working with a staffing agency, you can rest assured that someone is always following up on your application.

Choose a Recruiter Whom You Can Build A Rapport With

There are a plethora of recruitment agencies out there, and each agency has its strengths and weaknesses. For a job seeker, a recruiter can be an invaluable partner in finding prospective job opportunities. If you work with the right recruitment agency, that is. You’ll want to spend time connecting and interviewing a few recruiters so that you can choose one that is right for you. Here are questions to ask recruiters during your conversation with them:

  • How long have you been in the recruitment industry?
  • How do you market candidate CVs, and how do you present them to potential employers?
  • How do you handle candidate referencing?
  • Have you placed candidates in similar positions before?

All these are valid questions and will help you find the best recruitment agency. You can also ask your colleagues and friends for recruiter recommendations to help you find the best recruiter. While you can connect with more than one recruitment agency, make sure they are not submitting your application for the same job.

Remember, working with a recruiter is a bilateral relationship. That means you’ll need to build an excellent professional relationship with the recruiter you end up partnering with. This includes helping them help you by completing basic tasks such as polishing your LinkedIn profile or updating your resume.

Get The Most Out Of A Recruitment Agency

There are many reasons why some job seekers apply through recruitment firms. But the primary reason is that when they partner with recruitment agencies, they have access to connections, information, and experience that recruitment firms have acquired from working with different companies across different sectors.

As more companies choose to outsource hiring to staffing agencies, not only do recruiters do the job hunting on your behalf, but they might also have access to job openings that may not be advertised elsewhere. The best part is that job seekers don’t have to pay to use recruitment agencies.

In addition to giving you access to invaluable information regarding possible career pathways and the job market that may not be easily accessible to other job seekers, you can also get insight into the specific job requirements that might not be listed in job advertisements. This can really maximize your chances of getting hired.

Start Your Job-Hunt Today

Most recruitment agencies are open to networking with job seekers through word of mouth recommendations or via LinkedIn. Feel free to reach out to them as they are always seeking out suitable candidates. Recruitment agencies use LinkedIn groups to grow their network and connect with potential candidates, so join professional industry associations and alumni groups to reach out to them.

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