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6 Essentials For Finding A New Job

If you would like to land your dream job in good economic times or bad, here are 6 essential tips that are guaranteed to help:

Try a Sales Technique

You should be ready during your first interview or phone interview to make a “60-second sell”, which is a 4- to 5-sentence summary of your biography as well as career accomplishments. When the recruiters say, ‘Tell us about yourself and why we should hire you,’ you should have a statement memorized about why you are the perfect candidate for the job.

Work Your Personal Network

You should try as much as possible not to confine your networking to business contacts, particularly if you would like to break into a large company that might be using automated software for screening applicants.

Ask just about everybody you know whether they have a connection to a specific employer with the goal being getting your resume forwarded to the hiring department through the internal network of the company, as opposed to having it come from the outside and ultimately getting lost in a pile of resumes from other applicants. For instance, Microsoft receives up to 100,000 resumes on a monthly basis, so you can imagine how hard it would be for your resume to be found.

Expand Your Horizon

A career coach who is also an author recommends attending professional association meeting in a related field along with those in your own specialty. For instance, which your experience might be in marketing, add meetings for financial executives or other fields in which your skills and experience could be applicable to your regular schedule of marketing and ad group meetings.

The other equally effective approach to networking is to give your old college a try by tapping alumni, even the ones you don’t know. The vast majority of universities today have online directors of alumni, so this is one route you might take. Otherwise, you should try contacting the alumni office directly.

Check Your Skill Set

While you might lack the financial resources or time required to pursue an advanced degree, you should take additional coursework in your field for the purpose of boosting specific skills to get recruiters to notice you. You should also remember to cite key experience that you gained from volunteering for school, community, or nonprofit groups. Check your transferable skills, which include budgeting, organizational planning, supervising others, and project management.

Know Your Worth

It is always a mistake to settle for less just to get the job, even during a downturn. Before you accept an offer, first consult an online salary calculator or salary survey to ensure that the package being offered is competitive within your field. The idea that you should accept anything you are offered to get your foot in the door is outdated. You might take up to 10 years to start earning a decent wage.

Do It Everyday

Whether it is posting your resume in your apartment building’s common area, or sharing your job hunt with your dermatologist, dentist, or doctor, you should always incorporate your search for work into all aspects of your everyday life. Do something every day that’s geared towards your job search.

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Good luck with your career.

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