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  • IT Service Delivery Manager

    • Full-Time
    • Posted 2 weeks ago
  • Oracle DBA
    オラクル DBA

    • Full-Time
    • Posted 2 weeks ago
  • Data Center Operation Engineer

    • Full-Time
    • Posted 2 weeks ago
  • .Net Developer

    • Full-Time
    • Posted 2 weeks ago
  • Backend Software Engineer
    バックエンド エンジニア

    • Full-Time
    • Posted 2 weeks ago
  • Senior Android Developer
    シニアAndroid ディベロッパー

    • Full-Time
    • Posted 2 weeks ago
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They trusted us

いい会社を紹介して下って本当にありがとうございます。担当のSidsanはとても明るくて話ししやすいです。対応もいつも迅速で丁寧です。おかげ様でやりたい仕事を見つかりました。Sidsan, thank you very much.
Rin B.
05:29 14 Dec 21
My experience with Hi-Tech Japan and specially withSachin Chavan is very good. He supported me whenever I needed.Its Pleasure... to work with Sachin Chavan, He always so quick to respond and assist with any and all of my queries, along with always being available to jump on a quick call to further clarify. I would highly recommend working with Hi-Tech Japan and Sachin more
Nitin C.
08:36 08 Dec 21
Harry San, Hi-Tech Japan,Thank you for the quick responses and interview schedules. It was very convenient through out the... interview process. I wish you a great success in the future more
Jobs V.
06:31 08 Dec 21
Harry at Hi-Tech Japan was pleasure to work with, She always so quick to respond and assist with any and all of my queries, along... with always being available to jump on a quick call to further clarify. I would highly recommend working with Hi-Tech Japan and more
Mend amar S.
06:18 10 Nov 21
Harjinder Kaur :今回初めてお世話になるエージェントでしたが、こちらの経歴について、よく理解し、新しい会社をマッチングしていただきました。また、オファーを受け入れるまで丁寧なサポートいただき、応募者の利益のために対応いただき、感謝しております... 。She was the first agent for me to seeking for a job. However she understood my career very well and matched to new company’s expectation very much . In addition, I would like to thank her for her courteous support until I accept the offer. She must be an agent respond for the benefit of more
Yamasaki T.
09:06 18 Oct 21
I just wast to share the two things about Hi tech.One thing is: they have many strength such as finding the best-fit position,... swift interview arrangement, follow up before and after the interview, giving specific advices for the interview, salary negotiations, etc. Apart from those strength, the most impressive thing is their reliable personality. Anyone tends to get nervous, anxious, confused during job hunting process, but thanks to their reliable personality, it was much reduced in my case. You can trust them, you can be confident, as you have strong backup like Hi tech. I think no one wants to switch job with the unreliable person’s support. That’s why Hi tech is highly recommended.The second thing is: Hi tech most care about our happiness. Even you’ve successfully done the interview and could get a new job, then, are you happy or not? Satisfied or not. They most care about it. They DO NOT think job hunting is just for their business. They care most about whether you become happy or not after switching the job. I really appreciate their mindset and attitude towards work. I learned this from them in this time. Thank you Sachin san and Hari san for your tremendous great more
C “RN” K
14:51 09 Oct 21
Hi-Tech JapanのSachinさんには大変お世話になりました。おかげさまで転職先が決まりました。どうもありがとうございました。
05:12 30 Sep 21
Meeting Hi-Tech Japan and Paul san is one of the best decisions that I made in my carrier. What they gave me is not just good... work opportunities but they warmly took care of my carrier like listening to my queries and giving me honest advises. Thank you very more
Yuima D.
08:40 25 Aug 21
I had a great time working with Paul... Very Responsive and quick. I got offer very quick and the process was made to drag very... fast and unbelievable. Thanks Paul and team, really happy with Hitech more
21:23 27 Jun 21
Having been in Japan for 2 years, I worked in multiple short-term Haken contracts. I was searching for a relatively longer term... opportunity with a good company, which provided the right challenges (as in making all-round use of my skills) and the right rewards as well. Hi-Tech Japan helped me land exactly such an opportunity! Right from the resume screening stage till the offer stage and even up to the day of joining, Anchala-san and Paul-san expertly took care of every concern. It was a tremendous experience working along with them and I would recommend them to anyone who is searching for a good opportunity!read more
Joonu T.
09:12 19 Mar 21
Best place of technology
Er. Raju S.
06:21 08 Mar 21
Many thanks in advance to Ms.Anchala for your heartfelt support for these 2 months under COVID-19 situation which is toughest... moment of finding a job.As others say, The Hi-Tech Japan team is the best recruitment agency to consult if you need & searching a job for your next step.Highly recommended for people who is looking for new journey with IT more
Ruka S.
14:56 17 Feb 21
As someone who has not had much luck with headhunters up to now (even as someone who used to employ and manage team members),I... was really impressed with the professionalism and prompt nature of the team at Hi-Tech Japan.Their ability to successfully identify an individual and their skill-set along with finding the right position that matches with one's career goals and interest is impressive.In addition to this, I really appreciated Hi-Tech Japan's prompt, clear and concise communication, along with timely progress updates throughout the recruitment process.What I really valued the most was their ability to make one feel relaxed and at ease with the recruitment process with their very helpful approach and their ability to confide in any concerns that one might have about taking their next big leap in their career.High-Tech Japan is definitely a team worth contacting as an employer or as an employee if you wish to find the right place or the right person. Keep it up!read more
Achala Amarasinghe (.
11:13 10 Sep 20
they gave great support for me and helped me find a fantastic job
li Z.
04:13 03 Jul 20
This Recruitment firm is indeed a professional and very responsive in terms of referring and helping every professional to pursue... success in their career. All of their employees are working with their open hands and willing to support you to settle in to your dream job for career advancement. Kudos to Namita and Paul! Keep up the good work!read more
Dennis M.
07:34 08 Jun 20
They gave great support for foreigner's looking for IT work related in japan. Both Daniel and Paul were very informative and... keep's you updated with the process. They also gave great advice's during recruitment and more
ZneR A.
06:56 03 Apr 20
yoshihide O.
01:32 02 Feb 20
The Hi-Tech Japan team is the very best and the first recruitment agency you would like to consult. They will provide you with a... thorough and heartfelt support throughout the process regarding necessary information and interview training, and they will commit themselves to gain the best for their client concerning the area and suitability of the position as well as working conditions including salary. It was my first job change and also my first time to respond to a recruiter, and I am now truly grateful that I came across Hi-Tech Japan. Highly more
Masahiro T.
16:26 21 Jan 20
*日本語は英語の下に記載。I met great and very thoughtful recruiter, Paul D'Souza of Hi-Tech Japan.He helped me a lot for career change,... this time and I really appreciated his support.If you are looking for new IT job in Japan, you should try to contact him.You can get opportunity for good position and his help will make changing your career more smooth.Thank you, Paul-san!わたしはこの度の転職でとても素晴らしく、思いやりのあるHi-Tech JapanのリクルーターのPaul D'Souzaさんに出会いました。ポールさんはこの度の転職を親身に助けてくださり、とても感謝しています。もし貴方が日本でIT関連への転職をお考えでしたら、ポールさんにご相談するのを強くオススメします!きっとよい仕事への機会を得ることができ、ポールさんのサポートは貴方の転職活動をよりスムーズにするでしょう。ありがとう、ポールさん!read more
Blossom A.
11:53 29 Sep 19
I've got lots of supports and helps from Hi-Tech Japan, especially, Anchala. They gave me useful advice and interview tips for... preparing the interview until I got an offer from a multinational company. Appreciated your supports and helps!read more
Jisoo P.
03:36 24 Sep 19
Hi-Tech was concise in all their discussions and exhibited neat professionalism in taking forward proposals and arranging... prospective touch points. Paul could give good insights into how the system behaves and what to expect and Anchala ensured that everything is in order, each and every time. I'd gladly recommend Hi-Tech!read more
Anand J.
10:53 23 Sep 19
I had a great time working with them; especially with Namita and Paul.Really appreciate their patience and their spending time... for me.They indeed helped me a lot in getting a good job offer for the next step in my career.I definitely will suggest Hitech Japan to anyone who is considering a step-up in their careerread more
Hai D.
09:57 15 Sep 19
Hi-Tech JapanのPaulさんとNamitaさんに大変お世話になり、転職先が決まりました!お二人は企業さんと転職希望者のニーズを適切に把握し、両方満足できる結果を出す優秀な方たちです。また、必要な手続きのみ依頼し、迅速にプロセスが進められるよう... にして頂き、ありがたいと思いました。特に英語と日本語、両方話せる方でしたら自分の希望に合う外資系企業さんのポジションを紹介して頂くことができると思っております。大変お世話になり、大変助かりました!ありがとうございます。read more
Sekyung N.
08:56 16 Jul 19
Really got a lot of help from this company to get the offer !Anchala-san and Paul-san are both super nice. They gave me tons of... advice in preparing for the interview and clearing my doubts very quickly.Appreciated !read more
Samuel W.
07:42 25 Jun 19
This company offer good change and opportunities to get a new carrier. Paul-san, Anchala-san, They gave me their guidance and... support until I get a Job at Multinational Company. Especially for Anchala-san,She gave me good advice during recruiting process.I am very grateful for your Help. I highly recommended this company.Thank you and Keep in more
Rizki P.
11:36 19 Jun 19
Although I wasn't too serious about my job change at the moment because it was less than a year since joining, Namita introduced... several openings available to me considering my past experiences, one of which I came across and discovered that would definitely open up my career choices in the future. So I went to the interviews and surprisingly enough, it took me literally no time to receive an offer letter from one of the largest US-based global IT vendors, whose Japan branch is located within 23 wards. I'm so sure that also largely thanks to Paul's diligence, I was able to proceed very smoothly during the entire recruiting process. Much regards and more
Yuko K.
10:24 20 Apr 19
Working with HiTech Japan was a great experience. Paul and Anchala were very helping all along the process.
Jean Y.
10:33 25 Mar 19
Hi-Tech Japan のPaulさんからお仕事を紹介して頂きました。お陰様で外資企業にて十分な経験を積むことができました。Paulさんは対応が早く、希望に添えるよう交渉をして頂きました。内定後も気にかけて頂き人間関係を大事にされる方です。
shota M.
12:21 13 Mar 19
Shinya S.
11:59 12 Feb 19
Hi-Tech JapanのPaulさんとNamitaさんにお世話になり、自分の希望する条件に合う会社に就職できました。日本に来たばかりで分からない事がたくさんありましたが、企業情報や進捗状況などとても分かり易く説明いただきました。自分の要望に出来る... 限り応えようと親身になってくれたことが、とてもうれしかったです。ありがとうございます。read more
Yuki O.
07:40 11 Feb 19
Life changer company for me. 2-months back, Mr.Paul and company helped me to switch a Job and they really having good contacts... with Big multinational companies. I am really happy with very good salary package. Mr.Paul is really supportive and the best Mentor. Thanks a lot HITECHread more
irfan M.
12:31 09 Feb 19
Hi-Tech Japan の社長のPaulさんにお世話になり、転職先が決まりました。まさか内定がもらえるとは思っていなかった外資系IT企業から、自分の希望する条件よりもはるかに良い条件で内定をいただくことができました。進捗状況のアップデートや面接の調... 整等の対応も迅速丁寧で、他のエージェントからのアプローチもいくつかありましたが、対応の質が全然違いました。Hi-Tech Japan は外資系IT企業との太いコネクションを持っているので、外資系IT企業への転職を考えている方にはぜひオススメします。read more
Taka M
07:04 08 Feb 19
This is a good company that changed my life!The CEO is a very nice guy who can be like a boss or friend. He taught me many... experience and knowledge. I've moved to a big company but I'm always missing the time when I was working at Hi-tech Japan more
tomy C.
17:18 04 Feb 19
I feel priviledged to be writing the first ever review for Hi-Tech Japan K.K. Its hard to fine people who don't just work for... their own benefits, but also for the betterment of others. This company did that for me.I was just a regular IT guy working in Bengaluru, feeling content with my job, until i got an offer at a leading IT company in Japan through Hi-Tech Japan k.k. Definitely i had my doubts, which were cleared promptly.Hi-Tech Japan K.K is quiet impressive, specificaly Mr. Paul D’Souza. He went above and beyond than just the hour service. Having cleared all the rounds for the job, I can say it would nor be possible without Mr. D'Souza.This life changing oppoertunity makes me ever greatfull to Hi-Tech Japan k.k and i shall be indebted to Mr. D'Souza for giving me one of the best career more
Stephen V.
01:33 01 Feb 19

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