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  • Python Developer
    Python 開発者

    • Full-Time
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  • Business Analyst

    • Full-Time
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  • Project Manager プロジェクトマネージャー

    • Full-Time
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  • IT Service Delivery Manager

    • Full-Time
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  • Oracle DBA
    オラクル DBA

    • Full-Time
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  • Data Center Operation Engineer データセンター運用エンジニア

    • Full-Time
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Bad Interviews: what to learn?

There are many different reasons why an interview turns bad. Sometimes, it has to do with the employer not taking your seriously and/or simply ignoring you entirely. While there are other situations where the blame falls on your shoulders due to a lack of preparation. This is why it’s essential to prepare well and make sure you are putting your best foot forward. However, what happens when you do everything right and the interview still doesn’t lead to a job? There are going to be specific reasons as to why you didn’t get the job despite nailing the interview. Here is what you should do when this happens. Lack of


8 Tips for a Successful Video Interview

It is undeniable that zoom meetings are fast becoming commonplace and essential amid the COVID-19 pandemic. In the recent years, we have witnessed the advent of the biggest video tech platforms. Over time, however, I have grown and mastered the art of virtual meetings. You need to understand that looking straight into the camera creates the impression that you are making eye contact with the person at the other end of the video chat. Understand that quality is crucial and that the choice of your backdrop can make or break your job opportunity. Below, we’ll be sharing our top video interviewing tips. They should help you boost your confidence and


remote jobs

5 Tips for Recruiting Remote Workers

Take a keen look at the latest trends in the business world and you will realize that remote work is here to stay. Global giants such as Facebook, Square, Twitter, and Microsoft are setting the trend and many other companies are following. In this new model of working, distributed teams could operate 100% virtually and in-person meetings could be a rare occurrence (after months). This marks a shift from the status quo where companies provide workplaces for their employees as a standard practice. However, with the shift taking place quite fast, you should take some time to learn how you can attract, recruit, and manage top talent in the new