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How To Hire The Right Candidate

Many companies struggle to find the right candidate to fill a vacancy. Employee recruitment’s are one of the most stressful processes of running a business. Hire the wrong person, and it’s wasted resources, hire the right one, and everything falls in place. The key to hiring the right candidate lies with sticking to specific rules in the hiring process. Outlined below are some of the rules and tips on how to find the right candidate.

 1. Look For A Candidate Committed To His/her Career

 Always look for someone committed to building his/her career. One of the best ways to check a candidate’s commitment is by looking at their job frequency and previous employment records. If one has been switching from one company to the next over very short periods, he/she might not be the best fit for the job. How long a candidate takes before switching to another job, or employer, determines their loyalty and ability to stick around.

 2. Check For Learning and Analytical Skills

 Consider testing the candidate’s ability to learn as well as their analytical skills. Determining a candidate’s analytical skills and ability to learn within a short time can however be a tricky venture. Nonetheless, you needn’t trust everything in their resume – a candidate might lie just to get the position.

 Confidence is one of the factors to look out for in the hiring process. This, however, doesn’t mean a confident candidate is the right one for the job. Having the candidates undertake a small test can however help you see their capabilities. According to Satish Bakhda (, the ideal candidate should have all the educational requirements and most importantly, skilled.

 3. Compatibility

 The ideal candidate should be able to fit in with the company’s culture naturally. Their social skills can help you determine if a candidate will be compatible with the current managers and teams or not. Try asking how the candidate manages their business clients to see if they are a good fit for the job.

 While a candidate might not seem compatible with the company culture, their willingness to learn shouldn’t be overlooked either. As long as the candidate has been able to get along well with previous bosses, he/she could surprise you when given a chance.

 4. Let Your Hiring Process Evolve

 Whether looking for candidates for a small start-up or an already established organization, the hiring process determines whether you get the best talent for the job. For this reason, it’s advisable to keep improving the hiring process as a way to ensure you only attract the right candidates/talent.

 Don’t just use questionnaires to rank candidates, get to know their skills, knowledge, capabilities, attitude, confidence, and most importantly, their potential. Be sure to state all the job requirements in each advertisement. The required skill, knowledge, experience, education, and responsibilities should be mentioned clearly and in an easy to understand manner. This will help a potential candidate have an idea of what he/she will be applying for. Involve third parties in the hiring process if possible.

 5. Be Social With Potential Candidates

 Always try to get to know every candidate in your database. While it might be a bad idea to ask personal and intrusive questions, having the HR team dig into the candidate’s past and social media presence can give you an idea of who the candidate really is. This is particularly important if looking for employees for a tech company/business. Around 45% of all recruiting firms use social media to finding potential candidates/talent. You too can use social media to not only connect with the candidates but also get to learn about their expertise as well.

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