Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Out of ten years’ experience, last four to five years of experience of design and development of web applications.
  • Experience in design and web applications development using Java or C# or Python or JavaScript or Angular and NodeJS.
  • Experience with data modeling, business logic, and RESTful APIs.
  • Knowledge and experience in RDBMS and NoSQL databases.
  • Familiar with Git workflow (merge request), nginx/Node.js/Docker would be preferred.
  • Should be familiar with Agile SCRUM with code movement between development, UAT and production instances.


A successful systems engineer at Choose Movement Consulting is a customer-facing technical generalist. This individual will design, develop, and validate LabVIEW software for automated test, automated assembly, robotics applications, medical devices, board-level test, and more.
They will have considerable ownership of their projects and autonomy to manage themselves.
They will be excellent at building a positive relationship with their peers and possess the soft skills needed for concise, effective communication.